Editorial Board

For a journal to become successful, there is the need to build an engaging editorial board. The editorial board must bring together experts in various disciplines to advise the journal on the policies and scope of publication. As potential reviewers, the editorial board needs to act as a team that will have the journal’s interest at heart. They further give advice on content regarding the submission of manuscripts. The editorial board of PCE Journal is made up of the following people:


The editor in chief of the journal is the one who determines how the publication should be. He runs the affairs of the publication, decides what to publish and see to the publication’s policies and operations.

Rev. Dr. Nicholas Apreh Siaw

(Editor in Chief)


The guest editor is responsible for issues relating to intellectual contents, for the publication of manuscripts. They ensure that there is a timely review of manuscripts as well as the quality of contents brought to the journal for publication. They also ensure that the appropriate guidelines and practices concerning the journal are strictly followed. The guest editor sees to the overall protection and confidentiality of materials or articles submitted for publication.

Dr. Jamal Mohammed

(Guest Editor)