Instruction to Authors

PCE Journal expect authors to submit manuscripts that meet the standards of international research. Made available is a comprehensive list of instructions that authors need to follow. They include;

  1. Author details: Authors must make sure they include the following in the title page of their manuscripts; full name and affiliation (main department, institution, city with postal code and country). Corresponding author must be indicated with the provision of their email address including honorary titles.
  2. Abstract: the second page of the manuscript must contain the abstract only, not longer than 250 words. The abstract must capture; the background, methodology, results and conclusion.
  3. Discussion: Authors are advised to structure the discussion section with sub-headings, main findings of the study, what is already known on the topic.
  4. Acknowledgement: This should be included at the end of the text and not in footnotes.
  5. References: In text references should be numbered in the appropriate numerical. There should be sequential numbering of tables or figures cited in the references.
  6. Figures: This should be of high quality. Must be typed on separate sheet. All symbols and abbreviations used in the figure should be properly defined.
  7. Tables: New information must be present in the tables where readers can be able to interpret it without seeking for reference in the text. They should be self-explanatory with a brief descriptive title.
  8. Equations: All equations submitted as word documents in the manuscripts must be editable.